Sunday, January 20, 2013

45 And Still Alive

I got my shoe caught in a sidewalk outside the on base tlf I was staying in October 22nd 2012.
Sidewalk grabbed my shoe so hard it put a hole in my big toe of my shoe.
I couldn't turn my knee away just had just had enough time to put my hands up in front of my face to help with the impact with the sidewalk.
I screamed in pain for 15 minutes no one came.
My 8 year old daughter got my cell  as I couldn't move.
I had broken my kneecap into 2 pieces so I called for help another 15 minutes before ambulance came.
Knowing I needed to be strong for my daughter Alora I tried to think clearly about what I needed her to get from tlf for me my medicines and also get her what she would need to stay with my girlfriends as my hubby was driving to new base and had our 6 year old and 2 cats with him he was 5 states away.
I was greatful for my girlfriends being there to handle things they called my hubby he was in Louisianna he rushed to get to new base and wait to hear how I did in surgery.
My knee swelled to eight times it's size my girlfriend said I know it felt like it was going to rip apart and the bone specialist wasn't going to be able to operate until the next day.
I was in so much pain the whole thing was blurry.
I know I blacked out during the surgery after the epidural was administered and later was told the reason I had dried blood and skin in my mouth that had to be swabbed out is because I stopped breathing during surgery and they had to put a breathing tube down my throat.
The first night my girlfriends tried to calm me down but the pain was overwhelming then the lady in the bed next to me Jocelyn prayed for me and started singing Amazing Grace.
I heard her and started singing with her and that is how she with her hip  pain and me with my broken knee pain got each other thru the night.
I spent my birthday in the hospital my friends checked me out that night and put me and Alora on a plane to our new base the next morning.
My husband picked us up at the airport. I was in a wheelchair he had to take leave to care for me by December 7th we got a single level house and I was on crutches .
I have been walking for 2 weeks now but haven't been to physical therapy because my husband works 12 hour shifts so hoping to start driving myself next month to my therapy appointments as I have a limp and my knee tricks out and then there is the stiffness and pain.
So this is the reason for me having stopped blogging I was trying to get thru a difficult ordeal and healing from my surgery.
I'm tough and will be okay just appreciate being alive:)Darcy


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Hello Darcy. That is terrible and I'm so sorry this has happened. You are very strong and determined. I pray for your speedy recovery.

skaro964 said...

I am so glad that you and your family made it through the worst of things. Please have a very speedy recovery.

Wall-to-wall books said...

Darcy!!! I was wondering if I would ever hear from you again!
And then... this happens! Oh my gosh girl! How terrible for you. I cringed when I read it. I swear, I think I did feel some of your pain (only a small portion, I know).
Well I hope that you are doing better now. It will prob. take a while to heal.
My prayers are with you!

Katherine said...

Darcy that's horrible!! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I loved hearing about the sweet lady praying for you and singing Amazing Grace with you. God has angels all around us. I will pray for your healing and for life to return to normal ASAP!! Hugs

Patt said...

OMG gurl, I hope you are lots better now. I've missed talking with you.
I'm finalliy back or better than normal. Would love to hear from you.
still have the
hope you are in no pain now.
Big Hugs ,