Sunday, January 20, 2013

45 And Still Alive

I got my shoe caught in a sidewalk outside the on base tlf I was staying in October 22nd 2012.
Sidewalk grabbed my shoe so hard it put a hole in my big toe of my shoe.
I couldn't turn my knee away just had just had enough time to put my hands up in front of my face to help with the impact with the sidewalk.
I screamed in pain for 15 minutes no one came.
My 8 year old daughter got my cell  as I couldn't move.
I had broken my kneecap into 2 pieces so I called for help another 15 minutes before ambulance came.
Knowing I needed to be strong for my daughter Alora I tried to think clearly about what I needed her to get from tlf for me my medicines and also get her what she would need to stay with my girlfriends as my hubby was driving to new base and had our 6 year old and 2 cats with him he was 5 states away.
I was greatful for my girlfriends being there to handle things they called my hubby he was in Louisianna he rushed to get to new base and wait to hear how I did in surgery.
My knee swelled to eight times it's size my girlfriend said I know it felt like it was going to rip apart and the bone specialist wasn't going to be able to operate until the next day.
I was in so much pain the whole thing was blurry.
I know I blacked out during the surgery after the epidural was administered and later was told the reason I had dried blood and skin in my mouth that had to be swabbed out is because I stopped breathing during surgery and they had to put a breathing tube down my throat.
The first night my girlfriends tried to calm me down but the pain was overwhelming then the lady in the bed next to me Jocelyn prayed for me and started singing Amazing Grace.
I heard her and started singing with her and that is how she with her hip  pain and me with my broken knee pain got each other thru the night.
I spent my birthday in the hospital my friends checked me out that night and put me and Alora on a plane to our new base the next morning.
My husband picked us up at the airport. I was in a wheelchair he had to take leave to care for me by December 7th we got a single level house and I was on crutches .
I have been walking for 2 weeks now but haven't been to physical therapy because my husband works 12 hour shifts so hoping to start driving myself next month to my therapy appointments as I have a limp and my knee tricks out and then there is the stiffness and pain.
So this is the reason for me having stopped blogging I was trying to get thru a difficult ordeal and healing from my surgery.
I'm tough and will be okay just appreciate being alive:)Darcy

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Daughter:)

It is so hard to believe that my Sadie is only a couple years younger than I was when I had her and she is the loving mother of my 7 month old darling grandson.

She has grown into a lovely young lady and I'm very proud of her and I hope this birthday is as special as she is.Love Mom

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some Of My Projects From 2011

I realized I had roughly 15 projects I knit in 2011 and didn't blog about them so going to do it over several posts over the next week so here are a few:)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Growing Up So Quickly

Yesterday our 2nd grader's class put on a musical for all the parents it was so adorable had to share:)
The girls are getting over viruses and ear infections the weather has been strange.
I cannot knit still to painful and awkward so just enjoy time with my family.
On the health situation for me we are having to make changes rapidly.
I started chemo meds last week but the pills gave me mouth sores so their going to teach us how to do injections since my hands and wrists are really bad hubby will be doing them for me once a week we are hoping it will help me get more mobility back and less pain.
If we can slow down or supress my immune systems attack on my joints then I can be more active but it takes time and finding the right medicine to achieve this and so we hope this medicine will be a good fit.
Hoping everyone is well and missing you all.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Living With Grace:)

My friend Grace has taught me this she has her struggles but is always there sending you her love and encouragement and my girls call her grandma Grace:)
They love to send her pictures they draw and their favorite dolls are ones she has knit them.
Alora cannot sleep without her bunny which was the first knitted stufftie that Grace sent her.
 I need to have my hubby take a picture of all of the toys she has lovingly knit them over the years and she has sent me care packages threw every difficult health issue I have faced with shawls and scarfs to wrap me up in a hug from her & Tom her loving hubby and Masterblocker:)
I have been recently diagnosed with chronic psoriatic arthritis and find out tomorrow what medicine the Rheumytologist wants to try and he will tell us how things will change for us what to exspect.
 Grace sent me Charlotte my own Monster to hug and sent the girls phyllis and charity.
Letting me know we will fight this one together too.
 I want her to know how much it comforts us:)
My hubby has taken over as much as he can he cooks and cleans and cares for us and the girls are learning to be more independant.
We just got my Diagnosis a week ago so we haven't had time to tell all our family or our friends

but will take it day by day:)((((Hugs)))Darcy