Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PKG I Got In The Mail From Lizet;)

First I want to say that I wanted to buy some bare sock yarn from my friend Lizet because Iam going to take it with me to Idaho this month and dye it at my girlfriend Lauries house in Mnt. Home and one skein after dying will be for me and the other I will send to Lizet as a gift as she has dyed sock yarn for me in my favorite colors before:) secondly I wanted a mommy and baby knit it sheep kit from the UK and Lizet traveled 17 miles from her home scouring shops looking for it just for me and it is here I will knit them up for my little girls for Christmas;) thankyou liz also it is my 40th Birthday October 25th so there was a birthday card and yummy sock yarn Stroud Wool socrates 100% shrink resistant 4 ply merino approx. 28 sts x 36 rows per 10cm2 100g, 400m in colorway Halloween in the pkg from lizet for my birthday and lizets daughter Dory sent chocolates for each of my little girls thankyou Dory;)Iam hoping to send out a pkg today to Lizet with gifts for her and Dory and some dyes Lizet had me pick up for her:)I love getting pkgs from lizet and I love sending Lizet pkgs also!!!


Alice said...

Glad it did arrive save and sound! I hope you will knit yourself a nice pair of socks with the sock yarn, do you have a particular pattern in mind? D. loves chocolate, so she is convinced A. will love it too :).
Oh, those 17 miles were no big deal, we love to go to Chester both and had fun to discover a shop we did not notice before.

Dawn said...

Hi Darcy! Hope you're feeling better.
Does Lizet sell her beautiful colorways? I love, love, love them!

Dawn said...

I've got to try that magic loop thingy sometime! Thanks for the tip!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Yes she does just go to her site pick your colorway and write her:)