Friday, March 28, 2008

Nannybirds Crafts Last Week Blog Contest

Nannybird Crafts Contest
To enter post this Blog Bling that Amanda created on your blog, it doesn't HAVE to be in the side bar, just in a post segment, with a link to Nannybirds Crafts Blog and an invite to your readers to participate in her contest. You need to let Nannybirds Crafts know you did it so she knows to count you for the 2nd drawing, and if my readers or friends and family tell Nannybirds Crafts in a comment that I sent them, even if they don't enter any part of this weeks contests, just a comment stating they read about her contest, I will earn another chance for the drawing for each comment with my name in it. [To be fair, no anonymous comments will count]So what are you waiting for:)Hugs Darcy


Nan said...

Thank you!

Dawn said...

Left a comment for you on Nan's site! Good luck!

prairiegirl said...


I caved! I started the tulip socks last night! I couldn't help myself! Ha ha! I'm almost done the first sock already! What a great pattern and the yarn is incredible! Thank you so much again!!!!!