Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Have You Ever Had One Of Those Weeks?

I work evenings so my hubby can watch the girls and Iam covering for a friend and doing my work also this week since she will be covering for me next week while Tom is in Virginia tdy.So Iam not getting anytime with my hubby before he leaves and our air conditioner is on the fritz so the butter is melting on the and I had a migraine today.I have to work Saturday night then get up Mother's Day at 2:30am to get the girls in the van and drive 2 hours to the airport to drop off my hubby for his flight. This Mother's Day would have been my Mother's 64th birthday but she passed away 4 years ago so I have been sad.We are Airforce and they seem to want to send my husband tdy on the holidays so he will be gone a week then back a week then I will have to do the 2:30am drive 2 hours to airport thing again on Memorial Day also then he will be back May 30th.I do however have progress on my fetching gloves so there are pictures:)


Dawn said...

The gloves are turning out beautiful. The colorway/yarn is just stunning. They will look wonderful on you! Where's my optimistic, happy gnomie? Turn that frown upside down! The positive thing is Tom will be back in a week...not being shipped off to Iraq or somewhere for a long have two beautiful little girls that have their mama this mothers day which almost didn't were a wonderful daughter to your mother, especially in the end, even when it was very difficult to do so; what a wondeful way to honor you have great friends that love you! Now you need to finish those gloves so we can start our KAL!:) Lots of hugs and love sent your way!

Alice said...

Sounds like a busy week and I agree with Dawn, the gloves will become gorgeous!
I don't know if this will be of comfort to you, but I'll be hubby-less for almost 4 weeks from now on.
Of course you're feeling sad about your mother. You were a wonderful daughter to her and wherever she might be now, I'm sure she knows that.


Unknown said...

I love your fetchings. I also am enjoying your blog. I'm sorry your husband is being sent away for the holiday. However, being a Air Force wife is hard but admirable. g