Monday, May 12, 2008

I Was Asked To Tell The Story Of How I Picked The Name Of My Blog

Iam an airforce wife and my husband got orders to Edwards Airforce Base in Southern California's Mojave Desert.We arrived at our new base Febuary 15th 2007 and toward the end of the month I said honey Iam not going to have anyone to knit with at this base because again we are stationed out in the desert and at this point in time my hubby wasnt a knitter yet. Tom suggested I start a knitting group on the internet so I was like really he said sure you can.I decided on the name Knotty Knitter for my knitting group. When I wanted to start blogging about my knitting projects it was easy to figure out what the name of my blog would be:)Darcy's Knotty Knitter.My blog is a way for me to reach out and make new friends who are like minded... crafty;) and to let my knotty knitter's know what's up:)a blog is like a diary of the things you have knitted and the knitting events you have been to and the knitting friends you have met.There are also the swaps you have been in and you can share with everyone the contests like createcraft contest (how did you come up with the name of your blog?)


kathy b said...

Great story.

Irisheyes was originally The Knapping House. Then I learned what Knap was and was afraid I'd be hunted down for searches that showed knitting!

Irisheyes was something the original 4 of us who made the blog, all have.

If i had to rename now, itmight be hungarian eyes!

Alice said...

Let's try this again, LOL!

My blog name is the name on my birth certificate. So that is who I am.

JL said...

I was wondering how your Mom's Day was. Thought of you that day and sent good thoughts and wishes your way. Jan

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

It was a difficult day without my mom and my tom gone in virginia tdy but he comes back for one week Saturday night. so we can celebrate our yongests 2nd birthday:)My friend Dolores spent the night and we watched p.s. I love you which is a sweet movie and we celebrated Dolorses birthday which is tomorrow.