Sunday, May 4, 2008

Knitty Fetching In Silky Malabrigo;)

The Knotty Knitters went to Stitches West in Febuary and we all bought a skein of Silky Malabrigo and vowed to do a Knit-along of fingerless gloves.Jeanine,Mel,Leesa and I all bought a different color.I finally started mine today in a lovely lilac colorway.Iam doing them 2 at a time on 4,47" Addi Turbo's there seems to be 3 different subtle shades to the yarn and the silkiness makes it shiny the fingerless gloves will be gorgeous:)Iam done with my clapotis so I wore it to the gathering of the knotty knitter today.Dolores is doing the clapotis in Noro Silk Garden in #08 which is deep teal,Purple and Blue so gorgeous.Robin will be knitting her Clapotis in Red Java Malabrigo worsted she bought from Sandrasingh.Iam hoping to talk Robin into doing the free Fetching Pattern in the Lettuce silky malabrigo she ordered from Sandra;)Here are pictures Iam only on the wrists of my fetching right now but since Iam doing both at the same time I should get them done quickly.


Dawn said...

Love Dolores' pretty...she's looking like she missed me! Love the silky malabrigo colorway...soo pretty. Did you finish them last night? hee hee :)

Alice said...

Wonderful! Love your Clapotis. How many Noro dis you need by the way?