Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Fling Coffee And Yarn Swap Topic For Week #6

We'll go free form this week - Post about your WIPs, post about your package, post about the weather where you are - just be sure to include that the post is for the Spring Fling Weekly Topic somewhere inside it when you tell us it's there! I'd love to hear how folks are enjoying the goodies they received, if they have, or how much fun you had shopping for your pal!
I have on my needles right now Fetching in silky malabrigo.The weather is warm and sunny here.I picked up the coffee today for my swap partner so I will send off the pkg tomorrow if I have time before my dentist appointment if not for sure Tuesday.I studied my pal so I feel I did well with what I have put together.I cant wait to see how she likes her gifts:)


Grace said...

I never think to take a picture of what I am sending out, those photos are fabulous, nice gifts

Dawn said...

Love the pic of your package...wonderful gifts!

Alice said...

It looks fantastic, your partner will love it!