Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lizzie's the colorway/Dyed by me/knit by LizzieW

The pkg arrived today from LizzieW There were the socks she knit from the yarn I dyed they are beautiful.Yes in the picture those are my big feet isnt Lizet sweet to knit a size 9.5 pair of ladies socks;) I had asked her to dye a new colorway for a clapotis for me the yarn was in the pkg along with a stitch marker and some yummy coffee. The coffee is cafedirect Machu Picchu peru full bodied with a nutty flavor and dark chocolate overtones LizzieW's favorite coffee.The clapotis yarn is colorway Kelpie and the yarn is Shetland DK weight.My toddler Alora has taken the socks and my going to grind some coffee beans and have a cup of this yummy coffee;)

Last year I took some bare sock yarn I bought from LizziW to Idaho to dye it at Lauries.
I didnt get to knit much while in Idaho we were all sick but I managed to finish LizzieW Socks in Cherry Tree Hill Glitz Color Dusk, pattern spiral rib and that Monday I dyed the sock yarn 2 skeins one for LizzieW and one for me.I sent off the 2 skeins of sock yarn to Lizet with the spiral rib socks .The Lizzie's socks are special because it was my first time dying yarn and special because(LizzieW knit them for me:)
They are very pretty and a much needed hug from a friend.Lov ya Lizet


Alice said...

And a good dye job you did! The colours were a pleasure to knit and as you can see for yourself, no horrible pooling at all.

I wear the spiral socks still often, they are very comfortable.


erika~ the inspired mama said...

pretty socks! i LOVE that colorway darcy!

Dawn said...

Pretty the colors!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend with Hubby beofre he heads off again and that you're feeling better!

Octopus Knits said...

Very pretty!

Alice said...

I'm glad it all arrived save and sound! Isn't it neat that our pkgs arrived at the same day? Enjoy your coffee!