Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Knakedknitter Brings Me presents From Florida:)

My hubby is in the airforce so he can be gone for long periods of time which recently was the case.When knakedknitter was in florida for almost a month I asked him to check out the yarn stores in the area and that I would like some camel/merino he brought home to me 2 skeins of Zaol Camelon 20% Baby Camel and 80% merino wool in a lovely shade of green which happens to be my favorite color:)I told him this morning lets take off saturday to eat at a Tai food place we like in Santa Clarita then we can go next door to Simply Knitting and look at yarn being a knitter himself he loves the idea:)After being couped up for 2 months while he was tdy Iam looking forward to our day trip away from the base.Tom took pictures of the yarn shop with an instant camera while he was in florida but I havent developed the film yet as he just got back Wednesday and we havent gone anywhere but when I get the film developed I will post the pictures for everyone the trip to Unwind the yarn shop he made on wwkipd and also bought himself a set of #7 Chia Goo needles for knitting dishclothes he knitted 2 dishclothes while he was away one was the dragon that I knitted he loved mine so much he wanted to knit one to he said the dragon was alot of fun to knit.The other dishcloth he knitted was the diamond on lace.


Turtle said...

i think it's great your hubby enjoys your hobby with you. My hubby has tied quilts with me and had to help out at the store when we had the scrapbooking business in hawaii but i just cannot picture him knitting. He fully supports me but taking up needles of his own? Nope! (the other guys on his old navy boats might have harassed him, smile

Alice said...

The dish cloths are well done. Very pretty. The yarn looks neat, I assume it is very soft?