Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Funny Things Our Kids Say

I wanted to share this conversation I had with my 4 year old daughter Alora today.
Do you want pikachu macaroni and cheese and hotdogs?

Alora says: yes I love pikachu and hotdogs!!!
I said: macaroni & cheese and hotdogs it is madame:)
Alora says:Hey dont call me damn!!


Ariel said...

I never laughed so much until I had kids. They just crack me up!!

Turtle said...

so cute! lol


that's kids for you!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. She would be astounded to know how many people are called damn in France. Which makes me think that I only recently passed from 'Mademoiselle' to 'Madam' when kids talk to me. That must mean I start to show my age. Makes me kind of whistful.

Alice said...

LOL! That is so funny!