Friday, October 17, 2008

SewSpun Is So Awesome!!!!

As you know I won a skein of Hand Spun From Mandy at Sew Spun for naming a skein of the hand spun she was putting in her etsy shop.I knew it would be gorgeous knit up into the pattern Urchin.
When I realized I needed more for my hat I wrote Mandy and she said she would be happy to spin up more for me so I could finish my hat:)she is a super sweet person it arrived today!! I will be able to finish my hat in time for my birthday in 8 days.This is really special to me as it is my first time knitting with Hand Spun it is such a treat.If you get a chance please check out Mandy's Etsy Shop


Turtle said...

thats going ot be gorgeous! k, i finally sucked it up and ordered one of the cable needles, lol. Lots of cables in my winters future!

Alice said...

It looks beautiful! Very nice of her to spin more yarn for the urchin.

kathy b said...

Im going right over to her shop. Can't wait to see you model the hat.