Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Gifts From The Netherlands

We received 2 packages from my BFF Lizet and her family.I opened the first package to a wonderful christmas smell she had added a scented sachet called christmas bliss to the box.There was a holiday hand towel,2 tea cups with butterflies on them, napkins with coffee beans and latte's on them and some yummy coffee which Iam saving for christmas morning.There in the box were also a keychain so cute with a wooden shoe on it, and an ornament of a christmas moose which Athena has taken and is playing with.Lizet also sent the girls disney princess under shirt and under wear sets as both are potty trained:)I found a huge candy bar with pistatios in it yummers.She dyed the most gorgeous skeins of alpaca/silk yarn for me. I found a scarf in the box that she knitted in yummy purples:)Right now Iam wearing the scarf from Dolores and the scarf from Lizet Iam so tickled to have them.Thankyou Lizet and family we love everything:)


Unknown said...

What a great package!

Alice said...

You are very welcome, it was fun to put the package together. I hope you did have a wonderful Christmas!