Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008 Knitting Finished Just In Time:)

I had set a deadline for myself for finishing Christmas presents and charity knitting for December 31 2008. I realized in order to get all of the knitting done in time I needed to enlist the help of my knitting hubby.
I finished knitting the last hat for Kathy's Warm Hat For Charity Drive at 6pm on December 31st 2008.
Below Stella my Styrofoam head is modeling it.(If you would like to purchase this Simple Slip Stitch Pattern Just Email Karen the designer at

Our 4 year old Alora was happy to model the 2 toddler hats hubby knit for the warm hat drive.
I will send off all 6 hats January 2nd 2009 to Kathy

Both Hubby and I knitted a wine tote for Christmas gifts for Momma Rhonda And brother Joe & Wife Shannon. I felted them and then had name tags made for them they are ready to send off as well.


Aunt Kathy said...

Alora is so cute.
Happy New Year

Unknown said...

Alora looks absolutely beautiful in her daddy made hats. Love the hats and wine totes too. I need that hat pattern. It looks so warm.
Happy 2009!!!

Turtle said...

very nice knitting! glad you reached your deadline! happy new year darc!

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting it all done!

kathy b said...

darcy the post is adorable! Little Alora is adorable. Cant wait to get those hats to the needy!

Bubblesknits said...

Alora is such a cutie! Good job on the hats. Maybe your husband can convince mine to knit.

cici said...

6!!! wow that's impressive. Congratulations. They are all adorable. What a wonderful way to start off the New Year. You have the best models too! What a fancy touch with the name tags. Makes it oh so personal.

a Pocket Angel said...

Darcy, Oh what adorable photos of precious Alora! I love her sweet she makes me smile too.
How wonderful that you and knitting hubby made all these beautiful hats for Kathy's Warm Hat Charity Druve... What a sweetheart you are!
Hugs & blessings ~Mary~ :-}