Thursday, February 19, 2009

Worst Valentines Day Gift Ever!!!

Drooling Over Yarn was having a contest for the worst Valentine's Day present, She wanted to know what you received that was the worst, ever.
She said what are you playing for? One skein of custom painted lace weight yarn. Why not get something beautiful for once instead of something horrible?
Good luck and may the worst gift win!
Well this is what I wrote: A pair of hedge clippers to cut the hedges with and he bought himself a $450 gas operated weed whacker.
Needless to say I was angry that his was motorized and mine was manual you know like a giant pair of scissors.
On a good note this is an ex husband.
I’m now happily remarried and new hubby and I are celebrating our 5Th Wedding Anniversary on Valentines Day;)so there is a happily ever after after all.
Out of 39 comments I won for having the worst valentines ever.
I was so surprised when I received this email "Just wanted to let you know that you won the contest with the worst ever present. I saw your answer and nearly fell out of my chair! How can anyone be that clueless to give a pair of pruning shears for a Valentine's Day present?"
When I was married to my ex husband we had a football field sized back yard full of bushes and it was my job to trim them and it would take me all weekend to trim those bushes with my hedge trimmers he would be zipping along the flower beds with his expensive gas operated weed whacker and I would be just fuming. I think when we got divorced I threw out the offending hedge trimmers.
I’m very happy to be remarried to a sweet and very romantic fellow like my Tom.
I received an Amazing package last week from Drooling Over Yarn there was this yummy lace weight merino yarn called "Be My Valentine" the picture I took didn't capture the violet color going through it just gorgeous but there was more... some rock’ in stitch markers so cool and a heart shaped tin full of Lindt Lindor truffles which Tom and I quickly ate and they were yum!!!!
Thank you Laura your generous gift of hand dyed yarn and hand made stitch markers are a very special treat and are a wonderful Valentines Day surprise:)


Laura Neal said...

So glad that you like the yarn, the stitch markers and the chocolates. I would have taken out the chocolates first thing as well! I always make time for chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win! I would have thrown the hedge-trimmers AT him! LOL When you wrote that I was thinking, "are you an avid gardener?" ... LOL enjoy your well-deserved treats!

SissySees said...

Congrats on having a romantic husband now, and on the fantasic prizes!