Monday, March 16, 2009

~Another Block On My Lizard Ridge Strip~

I want to give credit for these instructions to: magerber and to Karen who taught me how to do this blanket in strips.
I have used 3 skeins so far color#175/90/95 as you can see in the top photo after you do 12 rows four times you will have a little ball of yarn left over from each skein you can save them for later.

Please read through the instructions before starting your strip

Instructions for doing the Lizard Ridge in Strips

This adaptation includes a slip stitch edge for ease of finishing with a crochet join.
*Always slip as if to purl the 1st stitch in every row.

*Always knit the last stitch.

MATERIALS: Noro Kureyon [100% wool; 109yd/100m per 50g skein]

Needles: US #8/5mm straights

Gauge: 18 sts/28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch
Gauge is not critical for this project.

These are row by row instructions

Begin working using the end from the outside of the skein and Cast on 43 stitches
Rows 1: sl 1,k 42
Row 2 [WS]: sl1,p 41,k last stitch
Row 3: sl 1,,k 42

Please watch the video's before starting row 4
(Cat Bordi's video wrapping and turning (w&t) and concealing the wraps)part 1 and here is part 2
Row 4 [WS]: sl1,p11, (w&t, k8, w&t, p7, w&t, k6, w&t, p5, w&t, k4, w&t, p4, p3*, p13), (w&t, k8, w&t, p7, w&t, k6, w&t, p5, w&t, k4, w&t, p4,p3*, p13). You should have 3 stitches left in this row. Now, w&t, k8, w&t, p7, w&t, k6, w&t, p5, w&t, k4, w&t, p4, p3*,p1,k1.
Row 5: sl1,k8, k3*, k11, k3*, k11, k3*, k3
Row 6 [WS]: sl1,p41,k last stitch

I have used this technique spit- splicing to join the next color.

(Change to new color at this point, begin working using the end from the inside of the skein)

Row 7: sl1,k42

Row 8 [WS]: sl1,p41,k last stitch
Row 9: sl1,,k42
Row 10 [WS]: sl1,p4, w&t, k5, turn work, p4, w&t, k4, turn work, p4,p2*, p13,(w&t, k8, w&t, p7, w&t, k6, w&t, p5, w&t, k4, w&t,p4,p3*
p13) You should have 10 stitches left in this row. Now, w&t, k8, w&t, p7, w&t, k6, w&t, p5, w&t, k4, w&t, p4, p3*, p8,k1 turn work, sl1,k4, w&t, p4,k1, turn work, sl1,k3, w&t, p3,k last stitch.
Row 11: sl1,k3,k2*, k10, k3*, k11,k3*, k10.
Row 12 [WS]:sl1,p41,k last stitch
(change colors on next row resume using the end you had started with)

(*) These stitches are already wrapped. Work them by picking up the wrap with the stitch you are working, and either knit or purl the wrap and the stitch together Repeat these 12 rows four times for one square (Then you will have used most of the skein with a little left continue with a new skein).

(Note: On Row 4 and Row 10, I have enclosed some of the instructions in brackets like this-( ).This is to show where the pattern repeats in this row. If you want to ignore these brackets, just work along, following the stitch instructions as if the brackets weren't there.


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

oh i like it! :) It's beautiful!! :D

SissySees said...

Pretty. I'm all about avoiding seams.

Turtle said...

i had this one bookmarked to do for awhile but...i am not a huge fan of short rows! It looks great!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Wow....I LOVE this scarf!! Incredible colors - it's so beautiful. That'll be a conversation starter when you're done with it. You're going to get LOTS of compliments. :)

smariek said...

It looks so good with all those changing colors.

Unknown said...

It looks great.