Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~Bay City Rollers~

I read Aunt Kathy's post about the Band the Bay City Rollers.
I had such a crush on Derek the drummer.
I had a poster with Derek in it with his shirt off and since I liked my hunks with some meat on their bones he was my favorite what a fox.
I could be found at the roller rink on the weekends and their songs were a favorite there.
Here is a video of my favorite song and please check out Derek and leave a comment telling me what you think?


Tina said...

Hi Darcy: I was also a huge BCR fan! My fave was Leslie and then Ian (for the short time he was there). I always thought that the Dedication album was one of their best. I also loved that they had used Toronto city hall as the insert for the album (i live in montreal so I know Toronto pretty well).

I thought Derek was okay, but since i did not like blond hair on guys - he was never my fave. I am sure you heard about the stuff Derek was up to after he left BCR (sigh!).

Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Darcy, I was up until after 2am watching all the videos on You tube last night after I blogged. {{sigh}} to be young and obsessed again, lol. I still know ALL the words to ALL the songs, and I still have original vinyl albums and some 45's in my closet. I couldn't part with them, even now 30+ years later.

I love that you were a fan too. We are Roller girls and proud of it. LOL

Robynn's Ravings said...

I think I can't believe I LIVED through this era! OMWORD. Jumpsuits, disco, big shoes, bigger hair. Oh, I rocked....uh...yeah.

Laura Neal said...

This is like a blast from the past. I used to hit the roller rink and the best part was 50 cents for a car load of kids. We would all pile into the old station wagon and hit the road. It was so much fun! Falling down at age 12 on a pair of skates and falling down when you are 26 are two different feelings, trust me on this one! One broken tail bone later, and I will never put on a pair of skates, again. I haven't either!
I haven't thought of the Bay City Rollers in years! Thanks for the memory!

Anonymous said...

That was a great blast to the past. Thanks for sharing!!!


Unknown said...

Loved the video,
Ok so I just want you to know that I left something for you on my blog. I know you gave it to me first but dang it, you are in my top 10 and there is no way I could NOT give it to you.
hugs Patt