Sunday, March 1, 2009

~*Valentines Goodies*~

I won the giveaway on Phat Fiber Blog for a Mini Sock Blocker Keychain from The Unique Sheep.The colorway is Sephrenia.Thankyou Laura and Jessie

I won some knitterly goodness from ShanChan a set of stitch markers And these aren't just any stitch markers, oh no.
See the tiny red beads? Those are garnets, haggled over (again, with love)by ShanChan in some small jewelry store on the second floor of a busy Jaipur street.
Did you know Jaipur is known as the Pink City? And that it's also know as the City of Love? Yep, ShanChan bought them, loved them, and carried them all the way home from India.
Thank you for the wonderful stitch markers they are truly lovely:)

I also won a giveaway in February at Vickie's Knitted Things she lovingly knit 3 dish clothes 2 of the patterns were from smariek knits.
Victoria also made me one of her scissor fobs which is so beautiful I have it on my keyring so that I can look at it all the time she was one of the February phatfiberbox contributors.
I wasn't lucky enough to get one of her scissor fobs in my box so this was a special treat.
Check out her etsy shop.She sent me lace malabrigo and candy hearts and a pattern book and some patterns she thought I might like.There was also a rose scented candle and 2 skeins of sugar n cream.Thank you Victoria for the wonderful package.


Anita said...

Wow! Great stuff!!

Fat Chick said...

Wow! You have WIN flowing through your blood! Congrats, and I'm so glad you like the stitch markers. Stay tuned - I'll be linking back to this post soon.

Congrats again!