Friday, April 10, 2009

~Friday Fill-Ins~


1. Anonymous..._____Say thy name_____.

2. _____Time_____ is a_____luxury _____.

3. Let me embrace thee, sour adversity,_____A tree grows strong because the wind beats it this way and that.
As life does the same with us, we can be thankful that we have adversity to strengthen us and shape us into what we have the potential to become.
Without adversity, we would not learn, grow, and rise to meet our full potential _____.Right now I'm struggling with letting go of my 18 year old daughter she is going to make mistakes and my heart is breaking for this realization.I'm helpless in my adversity to do much but wait with a hug and words of love...

4. _____The cool crisp air and beautiful flowers are_____ what I look forward to most about Spring.

5. Who needs therapy when_____Throwing dishes at the walls seemed like the way to let it all out at the time _____.

6. _____chocolate_____ MUST go into the Easter Basket!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to_____Sleeping _____, tomorrow my plans include_____scrubbing down the house and purchasing groceries in prepperation for the month my hubby will be TDY _____ and Sunday, I want to_____knit 2 projects while hubby watches the girls because when he leaves for a month my sanity will be leaving as well _____!

Happy Easter to those that celebrate it!


Laura Neal said...

Happy Easter! I hope you have a lovely day! I know that month away is going to suck! My hubby used to travel a whole lot for business and I am so thankful this past year and this year have been with him home. He is working with a company that needs him to hold their hands constantly which is so wonderful for me. :)

Bubblesknits said...

Mmmmm....chocolate. Hope your Easter basket is filled with lots of it!

Unknown said...

Hey Darcy,
Sheep Darcy is on her way to your house. She's been asking about you. lol
Hugs Patt

Robynn's Ravings said...

Happy Easter to you, TOO, Darcy! :)