Thursday, April 16, 2009

~*Thursday Thirteen*~

13 interesting facts about me:
1. I have to have a large cup of coffee before I can process anything in the morning;)
2. Dont overwhelm me it isn't pretty...Grrrr
3. I secretly wish that 12 knitters would each send me a pair of hand knit socks as I have always wanted a sock drawer full of them, but with toddlers and working outside the home I dont have the time to knit them.
4. I have had 8 surgeries in the last 1.5 years so I haven't had time to make friends locally so all my internet friends are very dear to me ((((Hugging All Of You))))
5. I met my hubby 6 years ago on and we were a 100% match:)
6. Knitting soothes me as nothing else can.
7. I wear my heart on my sleeve what you see is me.
8. I like going to blogs that have music that is soothing or are the oldies but goodies and I will listen to the music while I knit.
9. I'm a Hugger:)
10. I love getting surprises in the mail big thankyou to Cj for the yarn to finish my Urchin and the fiber and a big Thankyou for PattM for Darcy Sheep the packages came the day before Tom left and I was so sad and they were much appreciated:)
11. I like to sing in the van but I'm not very good at it but it makes me happy.
12. I love to give to others just knowing I made someones day a little bit brighter it fills me with happiness:)
13. I live for the part of the day when my Airforce hubby walks through the door and smiles at me and the toddler girls throw themselves at his legs giggling.
The Ohio Girl Tagged Me.

I will tag 6


2. Cj
3. PattM
4. Bubblesknits
5. Turtle
6. Aunt Kathy


Knitting Linguist said...

That's a great thirteen! I'm with you on the coffee (ask my daughters), and aren't surprise packages the best?

Amybel said...

Well, I better get my thirteen ready! About the oldies, have you tried this site:

Even my kidsters love it. Their favorites are Yummy, Yummy, Yummy and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Those are a great 13 things!! Thanks for sharing!

Heather at Mad Rose Creations said...

I love your thirteen. Now I'll have to see what AmyBel comes up with.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Loved this! And WOW! What were all the surgeries for if you don't mind sharing and if you do, just tell me to be quiet and mind my own business. I won't take offense! :)

Anonymous said...

OHH DARCY hee hee I bet you are getting tired of me hee hee I TAGGED you for fantastic Friday....please let me know at any time if you do now want to be tagged :)

Unknown said...

Darcy I got the thursday 13 to late on thursday so I will do it next week ok. Nessa also tagged me.
HOw you doing?
Big hugs :D

a Knitting Junkie! said...

WoW! We have a lot in common woman!

1. I am totally with you on this one. I am like my Daddy was in that aspect.
2. Umm...yeah I can relate to this one too.
3. Hmmmmmm...I'm actually working on a pair of socks now....
4. You'll always have a friend here! ((hugs))
5. How cool is that!?! I love success stories in love!
6. Me too. Truly. It also is a lifesaver for others, cause if I didn't have my knitting I know I would have already killed some people by now!
7. Yeah, I'm with you here too. Do people think you wear it out there so they can poke it? I believe that's what they think I wear mine out there for.
9. ME TOO!!! I love. love. love. hugs!
10. I don't get many surprises in the mail, but I do love it when I do!
11. I love singing too, but aren't very good at it either.
12. Speaking of giving to others, ya know, I have only ever knitted ONE thing for myself. Ever.

Thanks for sharing girlfriend!
Big, big hugs...