Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~*A Blog Award From Grace*~

Grace gave me this award and I want to thank her for it she is just such a special person:)
The Rules:
you must resend to 5 bloggers and you must tell 5 things about your crafts you like the most...what inspires you to make home made gifts..
1. I love the colors and textures of yarn.
2. I love turning a ball of yarn into something beautiful.
3. Knitting soothes my soul.
4. giving someone a hand knit gift fills me with joy.
5. I love being creative and learning new skills.

My 5 bloggers:

1. Meg
5. Channon


SissySees said...

Thank you! You're very kind.

Amybel said...

Wow, thanks Darcy! I really appreciate this award. I'm going to plant an award garden now!

Heather at Mad Rose Creations said...

Congrats on your newest award. That is fantastic!h

Turtle said...

love your reasons darcy!

Anonymous said...

I had to make a NEW blog due to email issues so please head over to my new place and follow me please
thank you

Meg said...

Thanks Darcy, you are so sweet as always. And, I agree with your reasons, very true.

evel dread said...

How fun! What a nice award to get :) I like your list btw!