Friday, November 13, 2009

~Baby It's Cold Outside~

It is starting to get cold at night here in the mojave desert and so we are cooking with the crock pot hot soups sound so good this time of year.
I found a wonderful Jambalaya on line to share with you.
Hubby and youngest have colds and are miserable weather changes always seem to bring on colds around here.
Please share your favorite crock pot soup I would love to know what you like to fix during November to warm up.Hugs Darcy


Turtle said...

yup, got our first hard frost last night, when we went to bed at 1130 it was 30 degrees and everything was ice crystally. Love the crock pot!! I always have something in it. lately it seems to be the zero point veggie soup . (but usually tuscan bean and kale, salmon chowder, lentil or some such!

Laura Neal said...

Still hot down here. Sorry to hear that everyone is sick. I hope they feel better.
Sorry to hear about your friend, I hope you can cheer her up. I will keep her in my prayers!