Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Updates And Knitted and Needle Felted FO'S

Above are some of my wee tiny socks I felted then needle felted with fiber an Orca on one.
I knitted one called the Solar System Sock and one to resemble a Clown Fish.
I knit a lace waves book marker and needle felted a fish for a bead.
I love combining knitting and. felting and needle felting in my projects it makes the possibilities endless.
Here is what is happening in my world
My grandsons mother has crone's and last weekend she had to have 15 inches of her small intestine removed not being able to be there for them is hard we have talked by phone and text but it is not the same but she knows I would be with them if it were possible.
I have to drive to Santa Monica Thursday for a CT Scan then hoping to go over the films with the doctors they want to see what they will be dealing with it seems my insides have shifted around hopefully I will know more by the end of the week.Hugs Darcy


Mereknits said...

Hope all goes well witht hte CAT scan. You will be in my thoughts, and by the way lovely, lovely , lovely needle felt projects.
Good luck,

cici said...

You are in my prayers Darcy. I love your tiny socks. I think you are the pro♥

Katherine said...

I love the clown fish wee socks and the bookmark is beautiful. Small, portable projects are so good when you have as much going on as you do! I'm keeping you in my prayers and hoping the CT brings good news. Will also pray for your grandson's mother.

Robynn's Ravings said...

So sorry about your grandson's mama dealing with Chron's disease. That is SUCH a painful and dangerous condition. I so hope her surgery goes well. I'll say a prayer for both of you.

Anita said...

Sending extra prayers & hugs to you!

I love the little orca sock, adorable!

Laura Neal said...

Hope all goes well in your life. I love your little projects...very sweet.
Big hugs that everything turns out for you.

Vanessa said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEE the sock thats felted omg it is sooooooooo cute~! I miss you Darcy how are you??? I have been super busy and I am glad I got to stop by your blog I really love that little sock. I just started two projects one JUST started tonight the other I should say STARTING this following week if I get the skin tone yarn and white I need. I am making the afghan on my blog I posted about and the wedding cake posted on my blog... so I have A LOT a head of me ... Well I am going to go check my email *hugs* miss chatting ( posting) back and forth hope all is well.