Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beam N Read

The awesome folks at ASF Lightware Solutions sent me their Beam N Read LED 6 and I knew just what I would use it for.
We live in the Mojave Desert and I like to go walking at night this hands free light was the perfect solution to my problem as we have areas that I walk that don't have lights and we have coyotes and bobcats that roam the base at night so I needed some illumination.
My hubby also likes that oncoming cars can see me when I'm wearing mine and the light wont blind them as they pass me.
I feel alot safer on my walks now that I have it and it is light weight and the neck strap is adjustable so it doesn't bounce around it sits nicely on my chest as I am walking.
I love that it comes with the 2 filters The orange filter for softer light and the red filter to maintain night vision also it is good to note that magnifiers with the LED 6 and 103M are an accessory to the light that are beneficial for short periods of detail work by those with normal vision.
They are not low vision aids nor for use for extended periods.


SissySees said...

Way to make that beam multi-task! You look awesome too.

Wall-to-wall books said...

Wow what a great idea!
You are looking good by the way!

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