Saturday, December 25, 2010

`*Chillin With My Gnomies*`

Before We got sick back in November I knit these little guys for some friends of mine.

Athena no longer has staff infection which we are so grateful for thankyou for all your prayers and loving words it meant alot to us.
I still have not gotten the van fixed as I have gotten sicker and sicker with infection in my sinuses.
I had Friday labwork was put on 3rd antibiotic Levaquin and had a CT Scan will know results next week.
So no tree is up this Christmas but Hubby wrapped the gifts and in the morning we will take pictures and watch the girls faces light up over their presents and drink hot chocolate and read the Nutcracker and listen to TCHAIKOVSKY THE NUTCRACKER
SIMON RATTLE BERLINER PHILHAMONIKER gifts a friend of mine sent me that teaches ballet she thought the girls would love it:)
I sent out the picture Christmas Cards today one is making it's way to Grace.
I hope all my friends and their families have a safe and happy holiday together.
I know alot of us have been sick since Thanksgiving but with a New Year Brings New Hope.Hugs Darcy


Sixth and Durian said...

Hi Darcy, the Gnomies are adorable!!!

Mereknits said...

So sorry to hear you are sick. This has been a tough year. Sending you positive thoughts for a healthy and happy 2011.

KnittySue said...

Oh My...have been away from my computer and I came to visit and see you have had a really rough month. Praying your all doing/feeling much better soon.