Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Received My Firts Pay It Forward Pkg;)

Thanks to Tessa Myrthestiek she sent me a mommie spa set for the bath a scrubbie with glitter thread running threw it love that and a heart shaped soap and a washcloth with a heart on it bath oil beads and body glitter and a cute card.My Wedding Anniversary is Valentines Day so I will do the spa bath on that day and put on the glitter for my hubby;)I feel very spoiled truly a thoughtful pkg Thankyou Tessa:)


Alice said...

Yay! Finally received! And what a neat package, the wash cloth is very pretty!

Myrthestiek said...

5 weeks; so glad it made it! I had great fun putting the package together for you and am very glad you like it.
Have a lovely special time with it.

Hugs Tessa

Een famke said...

So great!!! lovely to receive such a nice present!