Monday, February 4, 2008

Knotty Knitter Gathering Yesterday

It was one of those yucky, cold, windy,and raining kitties and puppies cant see the road in front of you days. But I went to my groups gathering at Panera's anyway where I ordered a bowl of black bean soup and a big coffee cup of Mocha with 2 shots of exspresso this took the chill off.There was a pretty good turn out Mel,Jackie,Diana were the first to get there and were huddled at a small table as was Mindy and her Daughter Hannah. the normal place we sit a very long table in the middle of the room with good lighting for knitting and crocheting was occupied by 3 very slow eaters. I asked them if I could sit at their table they said sure and within a few minutes our usual table was open for all to sit at.Then more members trickled in there were Jo and Susan and then Jamie Mindy's Husband.So for a wretchedly bad weather day there were still 8 of us who were able to brave the elements and venture out:)Mind you on a good weather day there are usually 18 of us that show up to a knotty knitter gathering;)Hugs to Carol and Gemma who were unwell.I had just blocked my Shawl on saturday and was excitted about wearing it and the shawl brooch Jamie Made.Jamie gives them to each new member that joins our group and since we are growing he might just run out of here are pictures of me in my shawl dont laugh but my crown is showing;)


Gea said...

thats a nice shawl,
lovely colour :)

MariecusBruyn said...

I've just discovered your Knotty Knitter, and I love the knittings you create! Especially this shawl is great in these cold rainy days: a warm embrasing shawl is just what you need to hold your heart warm (and hot drinks:p)
I certainly come back to enjoy your blog! Have fun knitting.

Een famke said...

oooh this looks really great on you, what a fantastic work you have done on this job!


Alice said...

You're stunning with that shawl! I cannot see the shawl brooch though. Sounds if you had a awesome gathering in despite of the bad weather!