Monday, February 9, 2009

~Cocoa Swap Topic of the Week #4~

~Cocoa Swappin 2 Our final topic of the week… participating will earn me an entry into the Topic of the week contest~

As we head into those doldrum parts of the Winter season (thank you very much Puxatawney Phil for seeing your shadow yet again)… _____ On my Husbands Birthday_____ It makes you dream of the seasons you love… What is your favorite season______Fall_____
What do you love most about that season _____ The crisp Fall air the autumn leaves_____ and… What is your favorite thing to do NOW to keep you from stressing about MORE winter to go_____ Baking and Knitting_____
Last night after hubby tucked the girls into bed we made banana bread and then I started a Fluffy Gosling Neckwarmer in 100% baby misti alpaca hoping to gift Alison with it if she likes alpaca,the color a kind of moss green with hints of orange and will send one of the loafs of banana bread we made last night with it to her family if they'd like a loaf:)

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