Thursday, February 5, 2009

~Recovering At Home Day 3~

Hubby got me up to eat today at 7:30am and take a pain pill then back down until 9:30am then he gave me my antibiotic.
I slept until 2pm boy was I shocked that I had slept half the day away.
Our girls are sick with cough & colds poor babies and Tom having to care for all of us.
We had another meal dropped off some Valentines Cookies,rolls,and acai berry tea.
The dinner was a three cheese chicken penne florentine courtesy of the Berg Family.
Alora and I had to take a lactose pill before dinner but it was so yummy:)
How sweet everyone has been and we very much appreciate it.
I will have to get thankyou cards sent out.
While recuperating I have been knitting and finished up my pals blah buster buddy.As soon as my pal gets her package I will have a finished project to share with you all.
I sent off the swap package today with hubbies help as Iam not aloud to lift anything and he keeps me in my night gown to assure my compliance;)
Tomorrow with Toms help Iam going to take my first shower and change the dressing and tape it will be nice to bath.Hugs Darcy


Alice said...

It looks as if everyone is taking good care of you!

SissySees said...

The pasta looks GREAT! (I'd have to switch to Italian sausage or soy... I'm just not into chicken...)

Keep on sleeping and behaving and healing!

Laurie~Let's Knit It said...

Mmmm more yummy food. You know I am dieting right? LOL Just kidding I think it is awesome you are posting the wonderful meals these families are providing for you. Glad you got some rest too.

Unknown said...

What a nice thing from the Bergs. That's so helpful and thoughtful.

Turtle said...

how nice of your friends! Smiling at hubby being nurse maid to you all, it always happens like that doesn't it? Have fun with the freshly washed hair! changing the dressing is always nerving but better afterwards!

Nan said...

It shows how much you are loved and thought of!