Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Moment I Want To Capture Forever :)~

Iam closer to her now I think because she saw that mom is vulnerable and needs her and I think normally our children just assume we will always be there so they are annoyed with us hanging around them or getting sentimental over them we embarrass them and they just want to grow up and get away from us but now I think she sees mom as a human and she has become more sensitive to me and wanting me to play with her hair and talk with her and spend moments with her.The other day she asked me if she could borrow a shirt from me and help her pick it out and then praised me for putting together a combination of shirts that looked really good on her she said where did you get really cute shirts from I laughed and said from when I was skinny I pulled some out of the garage to see if they would fit then just put them in my closet and forgot they were there and I told her I use to be cute you know. a long time ago rofl;) it was a neat mother Daughter moment that I will treasure.Water works again Iam so leaky right now knowing she is leaving soon.


Alice said...

It is wonderful you two are closer now, this vacation will be in your memory as very special. HUGS!

Jessie said...

Hugs mama! What a special moment, thanks for sharing it with us! Mine are so young yet, I hope to have a wonderful relationship with them as we all grow up :)