Friday, August 3, 2007

Update On Me;)

We had my post -op appointment today my husband drove me there and the doctor said Iam healing nicely but it was rough physically on me to go for a long car drive and do so much.We had to eat luch so we met Jo at a place close by and that was nice:) both my little ones are upset and having a rough time adjusting to my being down and dad being they are upset so my poor husband is tired and stressed.My oldest daughter is going back home tuesday Iam sad I cannot even see her off on the plane as Iam not suppose to travel except to see the doctor and after today I understand why it is painful to ride in a car or do alot of walking.I like to make up silly sayings about everything that is how I get threw things so a friend told me about a contest to win a t-shirt for my girls and Alora will be 3 Aug 25th so I posted and this is what I posted.
I had my 3rd and 4th baby's late in life and close together so I just had 6 surgeries in one because it toasted and dropped my goodies.So I have made fun of it by saying (My stuff has fallen and cant get up!)
(Drop it like it's hot!!!)
My favorite
(My chasey needs lifting and my oil pan fell out and my tail pipe is dragging on the ground!!!)
You know I want to win for my 3 yr old and 14 month old a

At August 3, 2007 11:35 PM, Darcy knotty Knitter said...
My husband just reminded me of another one I have been saying.
My junk in my trunk is bunk!!
It didnt have a place to add to my other post so could you add this or is it okay to post again? Darcy

If you would like to enter the contest post your favorite sayings or quotes here
Betty & Dean a pretty rockin' giveaway


Alice said...

I like the sayings :), they are funny. I hope you will win the t-shirt.
Glad to read you are healing nicely!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

You know what they say ( Laugh and the WorldLaughs with you...Cry and you cry alone)I would much rather make everyone laugh Laughter is medicine for the soul)Hugs Darcy

Alice said...

So true!

Jessie said...

I hope that you win Darcy! Love your sayings. I am sad for you that you won't be able to see your daughter off, have a special send off at home before she goes. Maybe you could even make her a little sign like people hold at the airport, it might make saying good bye a little lighter. Hugs mama!

jo said...

don't forget i have a book for you, and you have to read it. i just finished it and i think you're really gonna like it. i'll bring it with me when i come out there.