Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Pictures From Book Signing At Compatto;)

I bought Crazy Aunt Purls Book and got it signed and Bought some Yummy Cascade Yarn:)Which Laurie said would be great as a Giant Pom Pom Scarf the pattern is in the back of her book;) and check it out Ellen Bloom
was there for the book signing and I got to check out her cabled fingerless gloves in a yummy fall colorway:)and I just had to take a picture of Myra Wood (glasses) and Ellene Warren both designers!!!
their freeform sweaters were awesome!!!I had a great time today wish you all could have been there;)


Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for posting the pix! The two gals in the beautiful free-form sweaters are both designers, Myra Wood (glasses) and Ellene Warren.

Alice said...

Oh yes, I should have been there!