Monday, February 18, 2008

Dropped A Stitch;)

When we first learn to knit we are told be careful not to drop a stitch this is the horror moment when you realize you have a well Iam knitting the Clapotis. free pattern and you are suppose to drop stitches.The first time you purposely drop a stitch is total trama then you realize your work is okay and keep going now Iam no longer tramatized and actually enjoying dropping stitches;)


oakland heidi said...

In the end it is SO lovely. My auntie has made this before and her projects are beautiful.

Myrthestiek said...

It's so nice to drop stitches when you're supposed to :o).
You received the "Make my day"-award.

Hugs Tessa

Alice said...

That must have been terrifying! Though it looks good. How often are you supposed to drop stitches?

Gea said...

what a nice coulor!!
its a pretty knitting!!