Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 13th Gathering Of The Knotty Knitter Group:)

Jackie was knitting a sundress for her granddaughter in beautiful spring colors. Dolores and I were knitting on our Clapotis and a few scarfs were being knit by Melissa and Yolanda.Robin, Susan,krissy,and Leesa had socks on their needles.Krissy showed Melodie how to start a sock on Dpn's:)It was so great to see new faces and we loved having Krissy and her daughter visiting us her sock was a yummy pumpkin color.It was nice to knit with Loretta and Yolanda hope to see you both again:)Everyone was laughing and visiting with each other and it was such a nice day.Thankyou Krissy for taking the pictures and sending them to me since I hadnt grabbed mine when heading out that day.We missed everyone who couldnt make it to the meeting.There were 11 who came so we still had a good size turnout.Krissy you were such a joy to knit with hope to see you again soon;)


Dawn said...

So sad I missed all the fun! Everyone is having such a great time! Hugs

Free Range Chick said...

I had such a wonderful time knitting with all of you and felt so welcomed. I will be sure to stop by next time I am traveling that way.

I can't wait to see all of your FO's on Ravelry.

Thank you so much for inviting to your group.

Alice said...

Looks like a lovely group. A pity I'm not able to attend the gatherings.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

looks like tons of fun darcy!! :)