Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boy What A Whopper Of A Headache!!!!

I have had a migraine for several days the drive to get my hubby from the airport was bad then I forgot to send the reminder to my knotty knitter group of today's meeting lucky for me people showed up.I had to stay in bed till 12:30 then Tom got me up so I could get ready and go to the meeting he didnt think it was a good idea but I needed to go check on my friend Dawn who has been not feeling so good. I have been stuck in the house for a week and needed to hang out with my knitterly friends.I was late to the gathering but everyone forgave me.I just took an imitrex so after I post pictures from today I will be going to bed hoping tomorrow the migraine will be gone so I can start knitting on my Easy Flame Scarf since Iam done with my Knotty Fingerless Mitts.Here are pictures of today's gathering.


Dawn said...

Your friend, Dawn, is very lucky to have a friend like you to check on her!:)

Grace said...

the gloves came out wonderful, good for you,