Thursday, May 29, 2008

When Knakedknitter is gone it all goes

Athena just turned 2 yrs old and she has an ear infection then I go to the doctor and I have infections sinuses and my right ear all this happens while hubby is in virginia.Tom is told he will be back late friday night and then leave first thing monday morning for 24 days straight to florida.We will celebrate fathers day this weekend.I will miss our knit in public day.june 14 as I havent anyone to watch the girls for me.I miss you and the girls miss knottyknitter.


Anonymous said...

Darcy your children are beautiful! You're very lucky.
Sandra Singh

Anonymous said...

Darcy, there's that play area in the Mall. We could all meet there, sit around on the benches and let your children play there. What do you think?

Dawn Rene

Unknown said...

That was just too cute!

Ariel said...

Thanks for the bag comment. What a great picture of Athena. Isn't it amazing how kids can fall asleep. :-)