Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12th International Crochet Day!!!

Amazing Crochet

<The Crochet chair, which was designed for the Smart Deco project presented by Droog Design and Barry Friedman Ltd., quickly sold out. The Crochet Lamp is part of the Personal Editions collection. Both from Marcel Wanders. Made from crochet and resin.

Also, a couple of people have decided to do giveaways in honor of ICD.

Jimbo's front porch is giving away a hand-made wooden hook.Its made from "Marble Wood" Size? 7.5mm... a rare size for a rare hook..

The Cosmic Crocheter is also giving a hook away.Handmade canary wood hook size"G".and a surprize. .

And Stitchlily is doing a crocheted-item giveaway A crochet kitty Shes fully house-trained, cute, affectionate and she has been practising her Irish Crochet Lace.
What Iam doing for International Crochet Day
1.Blogging about it.
2.I will post about it on my Ravelry group.
3.Teach my hubby to crochet:)

Here are some of my finished crochet projects:

Bee Hive Baby Hat

Crochet Flower Hot Pad

A Practically Hyperbolic Dishcloth


Mo said...

Darcy, Happy International Crochet Day in your first year as a crocheter. Many more years of fun to come!!!

smariek said...

Woah, something happened here. {wiping glasses} I'm having a hard time reading your blog with the dark grey text over the dark brown background, that I had to use the mouse to highlight the text section before I could read it. Is it just me?

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I had some friends look at my blog and they said the text is black on a cream background which is what I see.Someone on ravelry said it looked like blue font on a brown background and she also is having trouble seeing it.I changed the links to blue just now but it says everything else is worded in black in posts and sidebar.Hugs Darcy

smariek said...

I have just discovered something interesting though. My usual browser is Mozilla Firefox. Your blog is darker when viewed in Firefox. I can see the links now that you have changed them to blue, it was hard to see them before. Oh, I forgot to mention that the top blog posts appear to the right of your sidebar (where they should be). Then there is a blank section. Then at the bottom, the rest of your blog posts appear and they take up the entire width of the window (appearing underneath where your sidebar usually is).

I loaded up Internet Explorer and your blog looks more normal and readable (black text on cream background), and everything (sidebar, blog posts) appear to be where they should be.

kathy b said...

OH I didn't even know about the day Darcy! I honor my grandma and my mom who crocheted, and Fireman's grandma who crocheted.

Love your dishcloth. As for me, the only shawl I ever fnished was crocheted!

Wendy said...

Love that chair!

And gotta love that we're both in the dishcloth exchange again this go round. I hope my secret pal this go round is just as wonderful as you were!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Wendy you were so much fun to spoil:)I love doing these swaps seeing familiar blogs and getting to visit new onesto:)Hugs Darcy

Alice said...

Wow! You have made the most prettiest things! I hope you did have a great International Crochet Day!