Monday, December 21, 2009

Thankyou Samantha's Firsts Pkg Went Out Today :)

A lovely pair Of Mitts and A Neckwarmer from Elaine And Rachel

2 lovely Pairs Of Mitts From Grace

Pair I knit

I found out that Samantha has been taken off her medications to give her time to get stronger then in the New Year they will start back up her Cancer treatments.
Thankyou Elaine , Rachel,and Grace for the wonderful Mitts and Neckwarmer
I cried happy tears of appreciation today as I sent out the package.

I want to Thank everyone for helping to warm up Samantha this Winter.
The warmth and love of all of you has so touched my heart.
As the gloves come in I will post about them and send them out.Hugs Darcy


Turtle said...

so nice! I can understand your emotion darc! We were so excited when my brother in law was put in remission late august, unfortunately just after thanksgiving he discovered it has moved into his brain tissue and is back full force, he is 36. Your friend sounds like things are going well, hopefully this little break will help her holiday spirit as well as strengthen her!! Smiles

Elaine said...

And thank you for giving us the opportunity to try to help lift her spirits. At this time of year I know how lucky I am to have my family and that my health is stable. The best thing you can do for her is let her know you love her and that other people, including strangers, are praying and pulling for her. You are a very dear friend.

cici said...

this is what the true meaning of Christmas is to me3♥ You are so special Darcy♥ Thanks for all the wonderful things you do. I love the video. You Make Everything Glorious♥ So true

Alice said...

This is so thoughtful of you! The mitts are very pretty.

sara said...

Everyone did a great job!

Kat said...

I love that song and video. Still praying for both you and Samantha!!