Saturday, June 26, 2010

~Puffy Mondaes And A Giveaway~

When I went home to Idaho for my visit I spent time at my favorite shop Puffy Mondaes.
My friend Keren and her husband are the owners of this unique shop.
Karen sent home with me a skein of her hand spun for a giveaway.
This "Cloud" skein pictured above came from a raw Idaho Grown "Poly Pay" sheep fleece a breed of sheep developed and named in Idaho.
I asked Keren to explain the process she went threw to make this unique and lovely skein here is what she had to say:

I washed the raw fleece to remove the lanolin, hay, and dirt, then dyed the wool in clouds without carding.
The lofty texture of this yarn is created by spinning the wool in the clouds around a wool core, then wrapping the yarn with a wool thread.
Knit "Clouds" on PHAT needles to retain texture (sz 13 or Larger), or sz 10 or smaller to create a dense, textured fabric.
For more "Cloud" hand spun in other shades contact Keren at Puffy Mondaes.

The prize:100% "Poly Pay" Wool Idaho Grown/Hand spun by Karen 110 yards in a lovely blue rightly named Cloud.

How To Enter:

1. Visit Puffy Mondaes and come back and leave a comment telling me what you like most about the shop.

2. Blog about the giveaway and leave a comment with a link to your post.
If you don't have a blog but are on ravelry leave a comment about what you like from her shop with your ravelry name.

3.You get an entry for every person who leaves a comment saying they came from your blog post about the giveaway.

Deadline: July 10TH at Midnight


ennadoolf said...

What is *not* to like in Puffy Mondaes shop! My favourite thing is actually the photo of the shop on the home page of the website! lol, but that's probably not what you meant ... it's too hard to choose among all those beautiful yarns but I do love the colour of the dark denim in the BeSweet. :)
ennadoolf [at] gmail [dot] com

Sheri Karobonik said...

I love all the organic yarn. I am one of the few willing to pay more for natural yarns. I will also tweet. skaro964

Turtle said...

Folks forget the amount of time it takes to have that skein of ready to knit yarn in front of you!

Lol, i still so love the name of the shop! (did i miss the story behind it?) I like how easy it is to view the shop, not jumbled and overly cluttered. Easy to maneuver.
Will try and blog today about your contest, band practice starts soon and my stomach is having an off day, lol.... of course the sun has come out!! Which means i really should be out front working on the re-landscaping since the deck's removal! Enjoy your sunday D!!

andrea said...

Wow, I loved everything, especially the bright, happiness the site conveyed. The yarn colors were so scrumpcious. Like I was actually seeing them right in front of me! Loved the site so much, I signed up for their email list. Yarn stash, rearrange yourselves. New yarn coming very soon!

Kim Reid said...

Love the Colorway 877 Dark Denim - Bambino - 70% Organic Cotton 30% Bamboo :)
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Amy said...

I like the Shelley Big Bag Bright Honeycomb Design Kit. The colors are lovely.

Kat said...

I took my spinning lessons there. I love the laid back approach and the coziness of the shop. Karen explains things in very easy and basic terms. The variety of classes they offer is amazing. My son just missed the knife making class. He wanted to go so bad, but, had a wedding that he had to be in.
Great place to stop by and relax in.

evel dread said...

You lucky traveler, you! I've never seen Peace Fleece at a shop till this one. The organics are delish! Thanks for sharing "cloud"!

Turtle said...

hey! i just saw that your friends shop is not far from Boise state! I will be there in 2 weeks as well as the end of august to take daughter to her dorm, may need to stop by, after all, i may be in need of some yarn therapy, i mean daughter leaving home and all.... lol, though after buying her textbooks i may be flat broke!!! (grin))

Anonymous said...

I'm always looking for sources for organic and fair trade everything, so I'd have to say that the fact that it's a core value of the store is my favorite thing about it, but the fact that it's got cloth diapering advertised on the front page is a close second.

I've linked to your giveaway from eyebehold, and tweeted about it too.

Wall-to-wall books said...

I thought I had already done this but guess not!
The site is great! I looked at everything! I love using organic yarn so I looked at all those. I had a problem when I clicked on a certain yarn to bring up a closer look, it kept saying error???
Really nice stuff, really nice store.

forevereading at gmail dot com

Turtle said...

guess what arrived yesterday afternoon! (i love it! it is very cool!) lol, and i love the idaho story behind it. Now to figure out something special to make with it!