Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tough Stuff Just Keep Your Chin Up:)

I find out next week the results of my bloodwork the doctor believes I have an autoimmune disease.
Alora has had an abdominal x-ray and ultrasound on her kidneys and has to go under for a proceedure on the 22nd.
Athena needs to go to the Children's Hospitol for her skin condition.
Our van broke down a week ago and needs repairs.
Alot is going on right now but with time we will get it all figured out.(((Hugs))))Darcy


Tina said...

Hang in there! I am thinking of you and sending positive vibes from Montreal :)

I have always believed that "we are exactly where we are supposed to be at this moment" but that does not mean that we will not be at a more fun and positive place in the following minutes/hours our days.

I try to breathe and take it one minute at a time and that usually works for me :)

Mereknits said...

Darcy, as always you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you Hope, Love and Healing.

aseknc said...

Oh dear!
Girlie, I'm sending loads of positive thoughts and prayers your way!

Great big "Keep on keepin' on my friend" hugs,
Swap-bot: aseknc
I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light.
-- Mary Gardiner Brainard

Laura Neal said...

Darcy, I hope it all gets better for ya'll. big hugs!!!

Turtle said...

Chin up Darcy! I know it always seems that things happen all at once. I think it is just to test us, how much we can actually handle and how tough we are. You can get through this. I hope the surgery went well. Hugs to you all! (())

Anita said...

Sending lots of hugs & prayers for you all!

Unknown said...

Darcy, i feel for you having such a tough time at the minute ! In life if you want to go through Good Times you also have to go Through bad times. Bes strong,stay positive.....god bless

KnittySue said...

How you doing sweetie..I keep checking and sending prayers. Hope all is well.

Tish said...

Oh my! I hope everything is getting worked out alright and you are feeling better. It all seems to be hitting you at once. I hate that!

Prayers and comforting thoughts to you.. and your family. ^_^