Tuesday, July 5, 2011

˙·٠•●♥ Summer Bliss ♥●•··˙

Last time I blogged alot was happening and I was feeling overwhelmed so hubby in his infinite wisdom sent me home.
I bought "The Big Book Of Knitted Monsters" By Rebecca Danger
I knit a Monster for Alora his name is Naughty Baldwin The Bathroom Monster.
I had some Yummy Malabrigo in a colorway that reminds me of my Summer's as a girl chasing the ice cream truck to buy a creamsicle on a hot day.
I bought the skein from SandraSingh.com
Alora loves her Monster and I'm knitting one for Athena right now in Malabrigo Colorway Cuarzo a lovely lilac:)

I visited my Son and Grandson and got some knitting time with friends and relaxed it was a therapeutic trip.
I spent 3 days with my son celebrated his 26Th birthday went out to eat went to the movies and we got pictures taken together:)
I spent my Grandsons last day of Kindegarten with him at his school and went to his Graduation the following day so special.
We are still working on health issues mine and Alora's are getting better but we haven't figured out Athena's yet but we will.
Everything has broken down or had to be replaced this year like washer & dryer ,vacuum,lawnmower,vehicles but we just deal with things as they come.
I'm taking time to just spend lazy days with the girls watching movies or reading them stories and cooking light healthy recipes for my family.
The Summer is going by quickly school starts next month.
Hopefully I will start to be a more frequent blogger until then tell me about your Summer:)


SissySees said...

I blinked and missed June. I'm hoping for a more productive July...

Glad you've done some relaxing and had good visits!

Mereknits said...

Darcy, so glad you are resting and getting well. Love the pictures of your monster and your son and grandson. I will send you all positive healing thoughts as you continue to figure things out. It has been great to see your smiling face.

Laura Neal said...

I love the monster...so cute. I am glad you were able to go home and visit. I know it did a world of good. My sister is in the middle of appliance break down right now and is praying her refrigerator will last until they have the money to replace it. The rest of her kitchen appliances have gone kerflooey.
I have taken up gardening as a stress buster and it has helped so much. I go outside every day and check on my tomatoes and my okra.
Hope things work out well for ya'll and things get better for you healthwise.

KnittySue said...

Glad to hear all is better, hope you get to enjoy the rest of the summer. I just got back from a long visit with my grandson too..he's 16mo and so dang cute it's hard to go home..and I'm only 1 1/2 hr away.