Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jo Goes The Extra Mile;)

She bought me 50 grams of Cherry Tree Hill Glitz in Peacock colorway 99% fingering weight Alpaca 1% Glitter skein of yarn because she knows I love sparkles;) and I want to knit a tie for Dr. Copeland who did my surgeries in his favorite color and so Jo went to Simply Knittings 50% off Sale and picked up for me 3 skeins of grey sports weight Jawoll superwash Lang Yarns so I can knit the tie as Iam not suppose to travel and this yarn shop is 1.5 hours away she has done this for me before she is amazing and so thoughtful;)The Doctor picked out the Mary Jane Mucklestone pattern for his tie so while Iam on bedrest I will knit him a tie.Thankyou Jo your the best!!!


Alice said...

So, you are going to knit a tie! Never thought of that. The article in the back has nice pictures of knitted ties though, maybe I should broaden my horizons :).

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

My Husband said since there are 3 skeins of it if there is enough he wants me to knit him a tie for wearing to church.Jo got them at simply knittings 50% off sale for me so they cost me for 3 skeins $4.13 a skein isnt she great all our ladies help each other when possible and were planning a trip September 15th to Los Angeles to see the yarn Harlot speak we have 4 of us for sure going and have booked our seats if more want to book seats we could take my 8 passenger van it will be on a saturday spots are filling up fast;)Darcy

Jessie said...

That is really cool of her to do! I wish there were more yarn stores around me too - there is a really great one but it is 2 hours away - have fun knitting his tie mama, I can't wait to see the finished project!